They named me after Grandma, and it's been all downhill from there...

In kindergarten, I was held back due to my lack of “motor skills.” Couldn’t stay within the lines to save my life. Still can’t. And I hope that never changes.

this is my story and it's sticking to me

"And I don't want to live my life like everybody else"
platinum pat is born

In High School, I graduated from skateboarding to graffiti and pop punk to hiphop. I recorded rap tracks in the back of my parents’ pad and was the King of Freestyle Fridays. My friends dubbed me “Platinum Pat.” I wore gold rings and watches from money I made bagging groceries and “side jobs.”

Although Platinum Pat is buried in the past, my love for lyrical language and flawed characters that butt heads with authority and rebel against conformity remains.

From Platinum to Paper

When the rap game didn’t pan out for Platinum Pat—no platinum records; barely a high school diploma—I resorted to digging ditches in the scorching heat for minimum wage at Summer’s Pool Construction. Then, with some help from a friend, I got a job in real estate knocking on doors in areas no other agent dared tread. Sure, it was a step up from waking up with a broken body from construction—at least until an unhappy homeowner pulled out a pistol and chased me down the street…

And that’s when I went back to school.

Back to Skool

While attending Grossmont Community College, I bought a good video camera with my meager door-knocker savings. Under the production name Honest Buzzard, I shot short films, sketch comedies, wrote screenplays, and filmed anything that’d pay the bills. In an attempt to improve my writing, I took a fiction class. Once I realized how great life could be without finicky actors and a flakey film crew, I focused full time on putting words on the page. I took every writing class Grossmont had to offer—some I took three times! Short Stories, Creative Non-fiction, Poetry. I took them all.

When I outwore my Grossmont welcome, I moved on to San Diego State University. While studying English, I became a junior editor at Fiction International and worked as the Co-Editor and Media Director at an arts advocacy organization called So Say We All. We put on weekly writing workshops for the community and veterans; I helped produce our monthly show called VAMP (Visual Art Music Performance), where I often read stories about Platinum Pat shenanigans. No more jackhammering under the skin-scorching sun. No more running from guns. I had found my calling: storytelling. A solo act.

When Life gives you student loans...

You take out as many as you can so you can move to San Francisco for grad school, and study fiction writing while remaining unemployed so you can write obsessively and go into soul-crushing debt. So that’s exactly what I did. I wrote 50-hours a week and completed two books while working closely with award-winning author, Z.Z. Packer. During that time, I worked as a part-time content writer for the sex-positive books and culture website, and was Managing Editor for the international literary magazine Fourteen Hills. Never in my life had I been so busy, so broke, and so damn happy. 

What do you do with a degree in fiction writing?

You get a job writing about Augmented Reality, of course! After literally having no money or credit left to my name and no prospects for a job, I was hired by a mad inventor named Ralph Osterhout who had invented everything from night vision goggles to self-propelled submarines to the Yak-Bak (yeah, look him up.). Along with cleaning coffee pots and making him cups of tea, I wrote everything from his Wiki pages to government grants for his new “Smartglasses” and continued to write fiction on nights and weekends. During my 5 years with Ralph, Augmented Reality became a hot topic, and I somehow became a master in AR. So, I left Ralph, started an AR development agency with some colleagues that’s now based in San Francisco and Copenhagen

Present Pat

My novel, The Virgin And Marilyn Monroe, is represented by the amazing Elizabeth Copps at the Maria Carvainis Agency. Elizabeth also reps my upcoming novel that takes place in San Francisco during Y2K about a boy that’s home schooled by Jehovah Witnesses and gets in over his head with DVD bootlegging and falls in love with the punk rock Scottish exchange student staying with his family for the semester (more to follow on this).

I’m also the Managing Editor for the Nasiona—the creative nonfiction project for underrepresented voices.

I technically live in Oakland but spend every other month in Glasgow where my amazing Scottish partner resides.

P.S. Along with stories of young rebels searching for their authentic selves, sometimes I write about the awfulness of internet dating or stories about literally waking up in a room surrounded wall-to-wall with crying babies.